I'm Paul I'm 21, I love People and I love the University of Virginia.


Going back to school

Today I enrolled at my local community college. I am going to be a Human Services major and I couldn’t be more excited. I know I have a long way to go and have to have a completely different mindset this time around, but I’m so excited. I realized human services is down the road that I want to go. I love people and i’m fascinated with people. I care too much about people to waste my life away as a full time worker at a grocery store. This is the first day of a new beginning for me.

One tree hill

I believe it may be my favorite show ever now. Soooo dramatic but Peyton and Lucas are the best ever!!

Blue Like Jazz

I saw it for the second time tonight. I’m so in love with that movie.

Country Music

Listening to all my favorite hits from 2011 :)))). Reminddddddddddddd Meeeeeeeeee :).

So many people get caught up in their perception of love that they forget to see the deception in lust.

Rob Hill

Even though I only get to see anthony once a year these guys will always be my best friends. 

Even though I only get to see anthony once a year these guys will always be my best friends. 


The entire time I have been searching for a woman and looking to date them, I was looking for that woman to complete my life. I was hoping she would bring happiness into my life. I will not give my heart to another women until I know i’m in the right place and know where my priorities are. My entire head is screwed up because of this. I had it all wrong the entire time. Of course none of my relationships were to work out. I had all the wrong intentions. I have the desire to get married and start a family, so I know that will work out. I need to find out the true meaning in life and what make me happy for myself and not have that happiness depend on another human being. People will be people and eventually hurt you in some way or another. I’m excited for this part of my life where it’s just me, myself, and I. I’m far from being ready for a relationship. I have so much to learn and I will start that journey today. I know times will get lonely, but it’ll all be worth it in the end I believe. Here’s to a new chapter in life.